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Nov. 24, 2022

The Bearded Mystic Podcast Needs You!

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Hello everyone,

I was recently informed that in the New Year, I would have to go back to the office for 3 days, and traveling to the office will be crazy (at least an hour each way)!

My current schedule for content creation, which includes the planning, recording, editing and uploading the weekly podcast, TikTok and YouTube Livestreams, the guided meditations, the weekly meditation sessions (with Q&A and discussion), Conversations with The Bearded Mystic and the upcoming Patreon exclusive 'Thoughts on the Upanishads', E-book of Poetry and the monthly newsletter. That's quite a bit!

To do all that, I would need to move to content creation full-time as my day job is not going to be flexible. If you have benefitted from my content and want to show your appreciation and support, please subscribe to my Patreon.

There are 4 tiers to choose from. Obviously, the more you pay, the more benefits you get. The 3 highest tiers have merch as well. The 2 highest tiers will have zoom group meetings with me.

Supercast is a new platform that I am using that will only be for ad-free and bonus episodes and blog posts. 

As I have a family and to maintain expenses, I would need to reach a target of $5000.  My friends, let's make this happen! 

To those who have already subscribed to my Patreon - thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 


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Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing well and if you're here in the United States with me, I would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, and I pray that it's one of fun and festivities. Now, I wanted to give you all a little update about what's going on in my life. Recently I've been informed that in the new year, I would have to return back to the office for three days a week. Now this becomes a bit of an issue when it comes to content creation for the podcast. And currently you know that I am doing the weekly podcast episodes and then you have the live streams that I do on TikTok and on YouTube and that includes the live reactions to videos as well. I also have guided medications uploaded. I also have the conversations with the Bearded Mystic. I also do the weekly meditation sessions where we have a Q and A and discussions and upcoming is my thoughts on the Upanishads, which I'll be creating for my Patreon subscribers. Now, doing all that was easier when I was remote because that took out any of the travel time and I was able to adapt my work schedule accordingly. Now with three days being taken outta there, it means that I don't really have much time for content creation, and that would mean a severe reduction in the amount of content that I can do. When I create this content, it does mean that there's a lot of work that goes in the background. It's not merely just recording the video or the podcast or just going on a live stream. But going forward, that's going to be really challenging and that's why today, even though it makes me completely uncomfortable to even ask this, but I really need to get your support here. Some of you are already subscribed to my Patreon and I wanna say thank you for your support and it really means a lot to me. Those of you that haven't joined my Patreon, please do consider joining it. Now, there are four tiers on the Patreon and you can find out which tier you would like to use. Obviously, the more you pay, the more benefits you get and I'm gonna leave the details to my Patreon in the show notes and read the description below. The goal that I have is in order to support my household expenses that I have as I'm a family man is a goal of $5,000. If I can get to that, I can move to content creation on the full-time basis, and that is my real hope. If I do move to a full-time basis in terms of content creation then that means obviously I can do more Patreon exclusive episodes, and also it means I can write books, I can do online retreats, I can do more meditation sessions. All those are the things that I can do if I have that time, and right now I don't considering how much editing work and then uploading work and also pre-planning the episodes, all that work to just record one episode. This is my request to you. If you can please sign up to my Patreon, I would really appreciate it. And I know that some of you may be going through some financial struggles and don't feel bad that if you can't. Those of you that can, I know times are tough, but if you can give your support, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you very much for all the support you've given to this podcast, to this channel. It means a lot to me and I look forward to seeing you on this Sunday's podcast episode. Take care everybody. Bye.